First blog post

Not entirely sure where to start; I suppose I’ll begin with a little about my life at the moment. I am a gratefully recovering addict who needed something to break up the monotony of day to day life. I recently relapsed after having over three months free of opiates..needless to say this has derailed my life and self-confidence once again, but more on that later. I am an avid reader of books and manga; as well as a gamer with a passion for music, nature, and anime. Hopefully my first venture into blogging here will help sort out some of the thoughts In my muddled mind, just maybe it will help a fellow  addict struggling to recover, perhaps even a parent of one who desperately needs  understanding of the illness as so many do. Please forgive and bear with any grammatical errors; as I’ve long replaced my knowledge of it with more unsavory thoughts  and ideas…


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