Puncture wounds


I feel as though the trials of the past decade have left a hole in my life. Not a hole  like a void  (although that is very true in more ways than one;) but more of a tiny  hole  that refuses to mend. Constantly but slowly draining motivation, love for others and more so for myself, and frankly  the will to live. Not that I have been living..rather I’ve been existing, merely occupying space both literal as mass and occupying far too much of my loved ones thoughts. What I meant by a hole in my life earlier-I meant not simply my mind/body/soul or even my time, but an almost vampiric puncture wound; sapping the lives of those who care about me as well as my own. As I move a little bit further into my recovery hopefully these blogs will help replenish what has been lost. I’m confident I have the strength within myself to take back the things that have been drained over this long, long decade. However I understand time is one thing I or anyone else for that matter can ever regain once lost. So instead of taking on the impossible task of filling the hole draining my time as I type this; I hope to cherish and hold dear the moments that are constantly slipping through that tiny hole…Taking the bad with the good times..as life is going to continue with or…without me. Preferably with. 🙂


Daily Prompt – Puncture



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